If you've been on the hunt for a great pressed powder foundation for African American women, search no more black ladies! IMAN's Luxury Pressed Powder matches your skin tone, removes shine and provides full even coverage for your black skin.

Hello Classy Black Ladies! I am very pleased to provide you with this review of IMAN's Luxury Pressed Powder.

I have been searching high and low for a pressed powder foundation that will not only match my skin tone but also *not* make me look like I just stepped out of Michael Jackson's thriller video shoot! I like my dark skin tone with its golden undertone and I want it to look that way whether I have foundation on or not.

It seems that I visit the beauty section of my local pharmacy every month looking for a new pressed powder. I've tried powder foundations by L'Oreal, Maybelleine and all the major brands, but they do not match my skin tone and do not provide even coverage.

I've also tried liquid foundations, like Maybelleine's Dream Liquid Mousse (my last brand) but they just made my face look greasy and uneven.

About a month ago I was sorting through my foundation options in the beauty section of my pharmacy yet again, and picked up a new powder press foundation by one of the majors. I sighed, knowing that it would probably not work out, as I walked toward the register.

Then, like a beacon of light, I happened to look back toward the beauty section and saw a display for IMAN cosmetics. I'd never seen her beauty products in my pharmacy before.

I went over and picked up her Luxury Pressed Powder in Earth Dark. It came with a free promotional item—her IMAN Luxury Lip Shine lip gloss. The entire product package cost about $15.

I went home and immediately tried on both the foundation and lip gloss….. the results??

WOW! I was truly amazed. The color didn't seem like it would match my skin tone when I looked at it in the case, but when I put it on my face it blended perfectly. The pressed powder provided full coverage over my skin and didn't make me look like a Black Zombie! Yay! It looked like my own natural skin tone. Here is a snippet of what my skin looks like with the IMAN Luxury Pressed Powder on (along with the Lip Shine):

IMAN Luxury Pressed Powder results (absolutely no airbrushing done to this pic)

I applied the Lip Shine and thought that I had just stepped out of a magazine shoot. I mean Ms. IMAN has really outdone herself with these fine products. Simple yet beautiful and affordable.

The Verdict

So I have finally found a pressed powder foundation that I can call my own. If you've been on a similar quest, try out IMAN Luxury Pressed Powder. They offer Earth Dark, Earth Medium, Clay Medium/Dark, and Clay Medium for the variety of skin tones of black and brown women.

The fact that this product is manufactured, sold and advertised by a black woman is just the icing on the cake! Support black businesses whenever you can.

I would love to hear your own reviews of IMAN Luxury Pressed Powder—post your review in the comments area below.

Love Tabby

Too many of my fine, classy black sisters are clueless as to why they can't seem to grow black hair past the shoulders when it's relaxed. You know the drill—you get about one to two inches of thick new growth in between your relaxer, your hair looks a bit longer after the new relaxer, and within a matter of days your hair is right back to square one as far as the length.

There's a very simple and logical reason for this. You're not protecting your ends! It's not rocket science at all.

Sisters, your lack of black hair growth past your shoulders could be simply due to your clothing.

Let's break this down. We have to work double time to protect the ends of our hair shaft and grow black hair long. Black hair strands are more delicate and vulnerable to stress compared to other hair types - especially when relaxed.

So once your hair reaches shoulder length it starts to brush up against your clothes. Cotton clothing is particularly bad when coming in contact with the ends of your hair. Just like you wouldn't wear a cotton hair scarf to bed, you shouldn't wear your hair down over cotton clothes (or a similar fabric like flannel) if you want to grow black hair long.

After you relax your hair, you let it brush up against your shoulders (cotton clothes), the ends break off and you're back to square one despite your new growth. You need to protect those ends at all costs to grow black hair beyond your shoulders.

So if you want to grow black hair long, take one or more of these simple steps:

1) change your clothes -- wear satin shirts (or satin-feel), spaghetti strap tops, or strapless dresses. Keep your shoulders dry and cool also if you choose spaghetti straps or strapless clothing.

2) put your hair up whenever you're wearing clothes that could damage your hair ends.

3) Buy a satin robe so that when you're lounging around the house you can let your hair down without worrying about breakage.
Simple eh?

Read my other article about black hair care with COMPLETE, step to step tips for how to grow black hair long.

Want silky shiny locks? Chi Silk Infusion does the trick for African American hair.

All hair types are vulnerable to heat damage, but African American hair tends to be more fragile to the effects of excessive heat, especially when it's not conditioned correctly. If you're like me, you're more concerned with your hair's overall health and condition rather than just a great looking style.

I have relaxed, 2B (I think?) hair. Several months ago, I finally decided to order and try Chi Silk Infusion hair serum after watching a video on black hair care (see it here). Her hair came out great compared to the very beginning, right??

So anyway, I bought the Chi Silk Infusion online. I didn't follow sister Ateyaaa's regimen (from the video) to the tee—because I have my own. First I wash and condition (I really take my time with it, no pulling or manipulating over my head), then add leave in conditioner (I like Aphogee or the leave-in, strengthening conditioner that comes with Optimum relaxers).

My hair came out OK with this regimen before I purchased the Chi serum, but it wasn't ON POINT like I knew it could be. Something was missing from the recipe….

So finally I got my Chi Silk Infusion serum in the mail. I think I washed my hair that very day to see how it works.

After adding my leave in conditioner, I put a dab of the Chi in the middle of my palm, just as described in that video earlier. I rubbed that little bit of Chi through my hair and then proceeded with my roller set (yes, I do my hair Dominican-style).

I lovveeeeeee how soft and silky my hair came out (and still comes out) after flat ironing with the Chi Silk Infusion in my hair. It's truly amazing. I could not stop looking at myself in the mirror! I must have run my fingers through my hair 20 times, just like a commercial lol. I get compliments constantly about how healthy and silky my hair looks. You can see the quality here:

So my overall review of Chi Silk Infusion hair serum is *very* positive. 5 diamond studs. Chi is the same company that makes Chi flat irons. I personally use another high quality brand flat iron, but I imagine the Chi version is even better.

Have you tried Chi Silk Infusion hair serum yet? Let me know what you thought of it.


L’Oreal Beauty Tubes Double Extend Mascara is a hit — could this be the end of falsies?

For about two years I've worn fake eyelashes for special events where "dramatic eyes" were a necessity. Long, full eyelashes are just classier and more feminine. I've always said that a woman's beauty is in her eyes, and eyelashes help to accentuate that beauty.

But I've heard that fake eyelashes can damage your own lashes over time. This is due to the fact that you have to pull and tug at your lash line when you remove them. Not to mention, glue residue sometimes stays on the eye lid, which can't be good for your lashes.

So I was open to an alternative to wearing fake lashes.

A few weeks ago I was in the beauty section of my local discount store browsing, and found a product that I'd seen on TV many times, L'Oreal's new Beauty Tubes Double Extend Mascara.

This mascara is supposed to lengthen your lashes dramatically, as if you are wearing extensions or falsies. It costs about $10 – a lot more than I would normally spend on a tube of standard mascara – but I figured I'd give it a try.

It turned out to be a good investment. I put it on for the first time the night of a date. You put the white side on first (which is a fortifying base that creates the length), then follow up with the black side to cover up the white (unless you want to go outside looking like the ice queen from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!).

This stuff is great. I'm not sure how it works, but it does! The white base extends, holds and dries at least a half inch longer than your actual lash. The black mascara goes right on both the lash and the extension nicely. Here's the results: 

You really have to put it on pretty thick if you want volume. I realized this on the second application just a few days ago. The Beauty Tubes mascara looks just as good as the fake eyelashes I sometimes like to wear, so I will be using this product the majority of the time from now on. (Did I mention that they are waterproof? So no smearing in the rain or after a good cry.)

One last quick note—when taking the L'Oreal Beauty Tubes mascara off, get a paper towel or cotton ball very wet and just squeeze it over your lashes (gently) for a few moments. This helps loosen up the extensions so that you can pull them off. Be very careful and gentle--this might take a few minutes.

My verdict on L'Oreal Beauty Tubes Double Extend Mascara is four diamond studs out of five.

So, what do you think of Loreal's Beauty Tubes mascara?