Too many of my fine, classy black sisters are clueless as to why they can't seem to grow black hair past the shoulders when it's relaxed. You know the drill—you get about one to two inches of thick new growth in between your relaxer, your hair looks a bit longer after the new relaxer, and within a matter of days your hair is right back to square one as far as the length.

There's a very simple and logical reason for this. You're not protecting your ends! It's not rocket science at all.

Sisters, your lack of black hair growth past your shoulders could be simply due to your clothing.

Let's break this down. We have to work double time to protect the ends of our hair shaft and grow black hair long. Black hair strands are more delicate and vulnerable to stress compared to other hair types - especially when relaxed.

So once your hair reaches shoulder length it starts to brush up against your clothes. Cotton clothing is particularly bad when coming in contact with the ends of your hair. Just like you wouldn't wear a cotton hair scarf to bed, you shouldn't wear your hair down over cotton clothes (or a similar fabric like flannel) if you want to grow black hair long.

After you relax your hair, you let it brush up against your shoulders (cotton clothes), the ends break off and you're back to square one despite your new growth. You need to protect those ends at all costs to grow black hair beyond your shoulders.

So if you want to grow black hair long, take one or more of these simple steps:

1) change your clothes -- wear satin shirts (or satin-feel), spaghetti strap tops, or strapless dresses. Keep your shoulders dry and cool also if you choose spaghetti straps or strapless clothing.

2) put your hair up whenever you're wearing clothes that could damage your hair ends.

3) Buy a satin robe so that when you're lounging around the house you can let your hair down without worrying about breakage.
Simple eh?

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