Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin is a cool and simple to use tool to keep handy for medium to long hair.  Protect your ends as you grow your black hair with the spin pin.

In my post about how to grow black hair long, I discussed the importance of wearing your hair in up-styles about 90% of the time--the only exception is when you're out for a hot date.

Well a couple of months ago I decided to try the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin. It's a very simple tool that allows you to create neat or messy but secure buns in your hair. You can place a bun in the back, top or sides of your head in a few simple steps.

The Goody Spin Pin is unique because it twists through your hair bun with a simple push to keep it in place. Just spin it out in the opposite direction when you want to remove it from your hair.

So basically, say you want a bun on the top of your head (very cute):

1. Dip your head forward and comb your hair up so that it's all at the top of your head

2. Grab the hair tightly as if you're about to put it in a ponytail

3. Wrap your loose hair around your hand to the left or right until it resembles a bun. Keep holding it in place

4. Grab your Goody Spin Pin -- position it at the back of the bun and PUSH the Spin Pin. It automatically spins into the bun

5. Let go and examine your cute, simple, secure bun!

The Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin is a wonderful hair tool to have on hand. It doesn't snag on your hair -- the metal material is very smooth and gentle.

The package comes with two pins -- I like to leave one spin pin in my bathroom and another in my room so that I can grab them quickly when I'm on the run. It was definitely worth the investment IMO




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