This Classy Black Lady's going au naturale. Yea, AND what?

So ladies, I’ve finally decided to do it. I’m going to transition my hair to au naturale. I’ve been using relaxers on and off for over 15 years.

A lot of people really enjoyed my post from about a year ago on how to grow relaxed hair long, and it does work. Growing black hair, regardless of whether it's relaxed or natural, is all about how you care for it.

Now thanks to my ongoing regimen, and leaving my hair in protective styles for the most part, my hair is finally down my back (a few inches above my bra strap) and I think it’s time I learn how to deal with it in its natural state. I want puffy Diana Ross hair down to my behind dammit!

Now I’ve kinda already been easing into this decision by cutting my relaxers down to twice per year but now I’m serious.

However, don’t expect me to become a natural hair Nazi. I still remember how annoying it was to be berated by women for using the “creamy crack.” LOL Funny, but still annoying.

Women make these decisions on their own, they don’t need anyone making them feel bad about their current choices. Instead, I'll just provide some info as I learn.

I made the final final decision to go natural after watching a few YouTube Videos. I’ll be posting a few of them soon.

So please add your email to the link at the right to follow the Classy Black Lady Beauty and Fashion blog to get updates about my little natural hair transitioning blogging journey. They’ll mostly be short and sweet. Yes, I will include products. Also, I’m a bit shy so I’ll just be posting pics from the back of my hair now and again. Here and there.

I’ll also provide tips I learn along the way to help you transition successfully if you’ve been thinking about how to do this like I was.

I’m planning to go with three main styles:
- Scrunched curls (wet look)
- Twist outs (tight and loose waves -- I really like BIG hair with defined waves)
- Natural flat-ironed hair (straight style)

By the way, I’m pretty sure I'm either a 4B or 4C so you know you’re getting the real deal when it comes to working with kinky natural hair.

Stay tuned!

Love Tabby 

(the beginning, no relaxer for about 4 months -- tried to do the curly crunch first using this YouTube video by ST3PH0890)

Pretty cool. More experimenting needed.



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