Can we start an updated list of black-owned beauty supply shops around the country?

I read a post by a black male blogger lamenting the fact that black people, black women in particular, spend so much of their money on hair supplies sold by Asian store keepers.

I personally lament black men who harp on issues affecting black women while ignoring their own roles in consumerism and negative media images (just where do they think the money they spend on the latest basketball sneakers go? Most likely to Asian-owned enterprises).

However, I must agree that it bothers me to see so many Asian-owned shops in black communities, particularly beauty supply shops. Instead of pointing the finger of shame at black women, I am into solutions.

So one of my goals for the Classy Black Lady Beauty Blog is to develop a directory of black-owned beauty shops around the United States (and beyond). It will start off small and grow as time goes on, but I need your help.

If you know of a black-owned beauty shop in your area, please post the name, address and phone number in the submission box below or the comments area. It will be a part of a compilation to be posted on the Classy Black Lady Beauty blog.



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