Update #1 of the Classy Black Lady Natural Hair Journey... pics at the end!

I have to apologize for not updating the Classy Black Lady beauty blog with more details of my natural hair journey. I have been working on what seems like thousands of things at once...

But to summarize, my journey has been going great! I'm so glad I finally made that decision. I'm now at about 6 months without a relaxer.

Little Chop
First off, I didn't plan on doing a "big chop," but I was kinda forced into doing a "little chop." My hair grows pretty fast so it got to a point where the natural hair was just overtaking the last bit of relaxed hair on the ends. So I snip snipped to try to even things out.

Hair Products
Second, I've settled on a very basic set of hair care products:

- grapeseed oil (bought a bottle of quality stuff from the supermarket)
- coconut oil (think from BJs or Costco)

I also use flexi rods to get my hair curly. More on that later...

Hair Care Regimen
When I first decided to go natural I tried a few things. I tried flat twists, which worked OK for a wavy look but it is hard to tame. Still getting the hang of that.

I also flat ironed my hair really well to see how straight I could get the roots if I ever decided to wear that style. It came out pretty straight -- you don't need a relaxer for that look.

I finally settled on wearing my hair mostly curly using flexi-rods. It's quick, simple and cute (see pics below). Here is my process:

1) First I wash my hair using my Herbal Essences shampoo and condition it with Aussie Moist. I let it sit for a while and then carefully comb it out using a very large toothed comb.

2) Next I spray my Infusion leave-in-conditioner in my paper-towel dried hair. I'm on the hunt for an even better leave in conditioner -- thinking about trying this one, it has some amazing reviews on Amazon.

3) I mix some grapeseed oil and coconut oil in the palm of my hand (about the size of a dollar coin) and rub it all through my roots to the ends.

4) I use the banding / stretching technique using ouch-free hair bands while the hair is still wet. This is to loosen up the kinks at the roots before flat ironing or styling. Basically just section off my hair and put it into smaller ponytails (see how it's done here).

5) I let the hair air dry for hours, then take the rubber bands out carefully (looking for an alternative to standard black bands because it sometimes causes breaking/snapping -- open to suggestions!)

6) I then spray my hair a bit with my Chi Iron Guard protectant spray (forgot to add it in the pic because I don't use it that much -- I heard grapeseed oil is a sufficient heat protectant) and use a blow dryer to quickly dry and fluff out the hair. This preps it for flat ironing.

7) Section off hair, add a bit of the Silk Elements glossing polish and flat iron.

8) Section off straight hair again and add a little bit of the Organic Root Stimulator Smooth-n-Hold Pudding throughout the hair. Not too much though because it can get too greasy. Sometimes I put some Motions foaming setting lotion, but lately I've found that I don't really need it.

9) Finally, twist in flexi rods (here is a tutorial on how to do that -- love this sister's videos). I use the TRESsemme holding spray when I take the rollers out to keep the curls from falling too quickly.

The Results...
Here are a couple of pics of what my hair looks like after I go through my little regimen with flexi-rods:

Nice and fluffy and curly.

Next Steps
Next I think I'm going to do two large "goddess" cornrowed braids to wear while I'm growing my hair out. I need something with very little maintenance for a while. I'll post pics if and when I do so.

After that I'm seriously considering a Henna treatment. I heard it makes the hair very strong and deepens the color. 

My main goal is just strengthening and lengthening at this point. 

Stay tuned for more of the Classy Black Lady Natural Hair Journey and please feel free to post your own comments, suggestions and links to photos!!



  1. Anonymous On May 7, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    Semms like a lot of work...whew ...I thought natural was supposed to be easier lol...pretty though

      CB Lady On May 7, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    yea I know anonymous, it does seem like a lot but it's about as much time as roller setting and flat ironing relaxed hair. once you do it you're good for a few days, just keep twisting in the rollers at night with a bit of pudding. I might revert to the braids for a while though. thanks for your comment


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