Here is a comparison review of 3 deep dark red lipsticks that I found at my local pharmacy. Guess which one I liked the best...

I haven't worn lipstick in what seems like ages -- maybe because I couldn't find the right color, maybe because I was tired of it staining my teeth and shirts, I'm not sure.

For some reason lately I've been inspired to start wearing lipstick again. I've seen a lot of fly sisters rocking that deep dark red lately and it got my attention. So I decided to try out a few from a pharmacy -- Black Opal Color Splurge in Wine Not, Black Radiance #5033 (Midnight Glow) and Milani Chocolate Berries

Here are the results:

Black Opal Colorsplurge in Wine Not

This one was nice and supple on my lips, but I had to put a lot of coats on before it took on that deep darker red color. Nice matte texture. Looking at the pictures now I probably should have put on a few more coats. Had some trouble with it getting on my teeth at first (maybe I just put too much on at the inside lip).

I was pleasantly surprised by Black Radiance, because it was the most affordable brand out of the three (I think it was on sale for under $3) It had a very smooth application and complete coating of the lips without much effort. Really nice matte finish but still a bit of a shine. Kept my lips feeling moist and gives me that perfect deep red that I was looking for.

Milani in Chocolate Berries

I liked the color of the Milani lipstick, but I wasn't too crazy about the application/coverage. Also, after looking at it on my lips I wouldn't count this as a deep dark red, more of a brown. Darkened crumbly skin made it look one of those 99 cent lipstick brands at first, but after a bit of adjustment it smoothed out. It's a nice neutral color.

My pick: I really liked all three of these lipsticks (something that almost NEVER happens when I shop for cosmetics at a pharmacy) but out of the three the Black Radiance stood out. It's soft, that ideal sensual red and it keeps my lips feeling moist.



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